Have you ever thought of something that would make a brilliant business idea? An idea that your gut feeling tells you that it can make you money and probably a lot of it. You get the rush of excitement and you cannot wait to get working on it. This rush lasts for a few minutes before you begin to hear the voices. The voices that tell you that it cannot succeed, it is too capital intensive, you do not have the time or what if you fail? Then you pack the idea and convince yourself that you will return to it when you are ready. Days, months or even years pass without getting back to the idea, then one day you see someone executing the very idea you had thought about.

 Image courtesy of shutterstock

Image courtesy of shutterstock


Yes, you thought that the idea was unique and had been dropped from the heavens into your mind. Yet the discovery that someone else is doing what you had thought almost feels like you have been robbed. It is especially more painful if you kept it a secret and you wonder how they got into to mind to snatch it out. This is a familiar scene that has happened to me far to often. I would get business ideas in one of my Eureka moments and think what an amazing brain I have that churns out such ideas. For one reason or another, however, I would come up with 99 reasons why it would not succeed or why I should not follow through with the idea. Almost as if just to torture me, I always remember the business ideas vividly once I see someone doing what I had hoped I would do.


The reality is that most of the business ideas we come up with may have already crossed someone else's mind already. It is just a matter of who is bold and courageous enough to step out and pursue them. If there is one thing that I have learnt in my business adventures, there is rarely a perfect time to turn an idea into a business. The stars will not align, your heart will never be doubt free and a voice from heaven will not come. On the other hand, you may need to throw yourself and hope that the opportunity will hold you tight. Ideas get trapped and need to be released. How far they go and take us with them is something we cannot know in advance.


Since I have experienced a number of my ideas being fulfilled by another person. I have had to cry on lost opportunities and question myself, why I dared to doubt. I have now trained myself not to think too much on an idea. I should not waste so much time in writing the business proposal, getting the numbers airtight or until I have found the sufficient financial resources. These days my motto is, START. Someone once said something that has resonated with me. He said, "When starting a business, the goal is to fail fast. So that you can learn what works and what does not." This statement is so true because unless an idea is tested by it being birthed into existence, we shall never know its real potential.  


So when those ideas do drop into your mind. Seize them and discard those that you think cannot work. For the good ideas do not hold on to them for too long, because they are floating above someone else's head. They might just be courageous enough to quiet those voices of fear, doubt and anxiety and actually act on their ideas. It is a gamble, your idea may fail dismally or it soar you up to the mountains of success. Remember when you fail you become experienced to teach someone else.